Information for Hotel Houshun
Welcome to visit the historical town KUROISHI


Kuroishi is a small castle town
Where the old townscape still remains
Howerer visited for the first time
You will miss it for some reason
Feel relaxed just by being
Feeling the atmosphere of the town
Make yourself relax in this special space



There are 15 rooms in our Hotel.
One meeting room and one banquet room.
■ single room : 5 rooms
■ Twin room : 6 rooms
■ Japanese style room :4 rooms

Free Wi-Fi connection in all rooms
Free parking available

Komise no Yado

Kuroishi, a small town in the southeastern part of the Tsugaru Plain, boasts "rice", "apples", and "hot spring", and is a historical town where the Kuroishi Jinya was placed as a branch of the Hirosaki clan.
A small Hotel suitable for this town has been created.
The wooden-grained exterior, inspired by the wooden arcade "Komise", blends naturally with the cityscape, and is a gentle travel hotel that makes nostalgic visitors feel nostalgic.