Sightseeing spots around


There are many Kuroishi tourist spots around the hotel.
Great location to explore the town!!


Komise St

[Nakamachi Komise Street]
"Komise-dori" is an old wooden arcade that has been selected as one of the 100 best roads in Japan. You can feel the atmosphere of the Edo period.
3 minutes walk from the hotel


[Matsunoyu Exchange Center]
It is a regional exchange hall featuring pine trees that penetrate through the roof. It is a facility that you can feel free to use as a break / information center for strolling around Kuroishi. As its name suggests, it was a public bath loved by the locals until 1993. After closing, many voices strongly asked for preservation and use as a landmark of the town, so it was rebuilt as it was at that time and reborn as a Matsunoyu Exchange Center in 2015. ‥
3 minutes walk from the hotel

Komise St.

[Tsugaru Komise Station]
A shop where you can listen a live shamisen music for free. Here also sell many souvenirs.
3 minutes walk from the hotel


[Kanehiranari Garden]
It is a garden of "Oishi Takegaku-ryu", a gardening method unique to Tsugaru, built on a vast site in the town, completed in 1905.
From the end of the Edo period to the modern times, the unique style of the Tsugaru region was so precious that it was designated as a historic spot scenic spot on January 26, 2006.
It is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.